Saturday, April 27, 2013

Get to know.. Gail of KG designer bags

In keeping with the spirit of April being Earth Month, we would like to introduce you to Gail.  She's a former teacher who does this genius thing of taking men's suit jackets and repurposing them into these smart, well-crafted bags.  Elements of the former jackets show up in surprising ways making them functional, attractive and feel-good.  They are certainly "not your Daddy's jacket" as she would say.

What do you design/make, & what materials do you use?

I design, create and recycle two styles of handbags from men’s sports coats and jackets.

When did you start designing ?
I began creating handbags for four years, but have been creating and sewing my entire life.  I worked in a fabric store in high school where I constructed sample garments for display, majored in Home Economics in college, worked as an upholsterer for a few years, taught sewing classes at a Singer Sewing Machine store for a couple of years, and finished my working years by teaching high school for 30 years.

Is this your full-time gig? If not, how do you make time to create in your hectic life?

Even though I am 61 years young and lucky enough to be retired from “working”, my life still seems to feel hectic. My husband of 37 years is also retired and that creates a whole list of challenges! I have two grown children, a daughter who is a second year medical student and a son with special needs who lives at home.

My craft is what I do for myself….it is my therapy! The satisfaction I reap from the creative process, the people I meet where my bags are sold, and fun I have sewing are awesome.
What are you working on right now?
I am always contemplating new designs and sew up samples often. The problem is when something is handmade it tends to look handmade and certainly is not the look I am going for. So for now I continue with my two favorite designs!

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