Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Get to know: Liz of Liz Kaprow designs

At Beehive, everyone has a story about their creative journey, and sometimes, so does the merchandise. Liz Kaprow's jewelry has decades of history attached to each piece.  It starts with an antique bag which has lived many lives and then goes on to live a few more by being transformed into a gorgeous, wearable accessory. Liz harvests the beads from bags, blends them with semi-precious stones, her beautiful design aesthetic and TONS of patience to create a jewelry line that is eco-friendly and elegant.  Her designs have been a staple at  the Beehive for a number of years, and chances are, if you are a Beehive regular, you own or have gifted one of her pieces. Here's a little about Liz -

What do you design? I make jewelry - mostly earrings and some necklaces - out of antique metal beads that I harvest from hundred year old beaded purses made in France. I combine these antique beads with semi-precious stones.

When did you start?I have been making things all my life and jewelry in some form or another for at least 35 years. I started out doing silversmithing and then when it was relatively inexpensive I did a lot of gold-smithing until the cost got too prohibitive. Before I started working with beads and semi-precious stones I was working with enamels but found it was too hard on my hands.

Is this your full-time gig?
I do this full time as my kids are all grown up and I have the time to really concentrate on perfecting my designs.After years of juggling kids, food, dogs, driving, etc, etc, it is a luxury I really appreciate.

What are you working on now?At present I am working on developing new designs which is the most fun of all. I rely on my visual skills (and manual ones too) to guide me in designing new pieces. The process is essentially a wordless one. I especially enjoy combining different colored gemstones in unusual color combinations.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

April Promotions at Beehive

Happy April! We are so happy it's finally getting warmer.  Come on over to the hive and see some of our newest designs and designers. For this month's promotions, click the photo!


Thursday, February 27, 2014

GET TO KNOW: Melissa of Fego Gioielli

Our first designer profile for 2014!  Meet Melissa Fego. Her jewelry line Fego Gioielli has been part of the Beehive since December 2013, and we were thrilled to invite her into our community of designer/makers. Her jewelry is bold and modern with a classic flair. Read about her upcoming stint at The Oscars' gifting suite and what inspired her path to creativity. 

What do you design/make, & what materials do you use?The Fego Gioielli line offers uniquely designed statement necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Each piece is carefully handcrafted by me, Melissa Fego using only the finest natural gemstones and high quality materials, sourced from places such as Italy and India. The large scale necklaces boast effervescent gems, featuring Dentritic or Peruvian Opals, Carnelians and Chrysophase paired with 18kt-24kt Vermeil or Sterling Silver.   The collection includes a variety of other natural gemstones as well as plain (no gemstones) silver/vermeil pieces.

When did you start designing/making?  Although I spent years making jewelry in my spare time as a hobby, I decided to pursue a career in business and finance. After attaining an M.B.A., I spent more than a decade working in finance for an educational publishing company in Manhattan. While wearing one of my own creations to a party in the city a few years ago, I was besieged by requests. Pulled to pursue my true passion and harness my creative talents, I launched Fego Gioielli in 2011. The name of the company holds special significance: ‘Gioielli’ means jewelry in Italian, a nod to my Italian heritage and creative roots.

Is this your full-time gig? If not, how do you make time to create in your hectic life?  After 12 years working in executive management and as a VP Controller for an educational publishing company, in October 2012 Fego Gioielli became my Full-time “Job”.        

What are you working on right now?  I’ve been invited to an Oscar nominee Gifting Suite event in Bevelry Hills so working on my “Oscar” Collection using Citrine, Crystal Quartz, Lemon Topaz, Carnelians, Green Agates and many other unique colors and stones on 18kt Sparkly diamond Cut Vermeil.  I am always working with Blue and pink Peruvian opal as they are my favorite and my favorite season to design for is coming…Summer!