Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Get to know... Jenny of Jenny Gaynor Glass

This is the beginning of what we hope to be a series to introduce you, our loyal customers, to some of the wonderful, creative people that are part of the Beehive.  Meet LA-based glass artist and designer, Jenny Gaynor.

Memory Vase
What do you design/make, & what materials do you use?  
I make handmade glass jewelry and custom photo transfer vases/ornaments.  The jewelry is made from italian moretti glass using the murano lampworking technique.  The metal on the jewelry is either sterling silver or 24K gold fill.  I also embellish the jewelry with semi-precious gemstones.  The vases and ornaments are handblown - some are made with 99% recycled glass.  The photo transfer process is elaborate - starting with the sizing of the photos to fit around the curves of the glass and ending with a full day firing the images onto the glass in the kiln.

When did you start designing?   
 I took my first glassblowing class in 1998. I traveled around the world studying the glassblowing techniques of the Italian masters & doing workshops all over the US. In 2006 I started my own line of lampwork jewelry & custom Memory Vases.

Is this your full-time gig? If not, how do you make time to create in your hectic life? 
Initial pendants.Coming soon!
YES Full time - still never feels like there is time to create in the hectic life of running a small business!!!!  :)

 What are you working on right now? 
 I am currently designing a new "teardrop collection" line of jewelry which uses glass "gemstones" in place of actual semi-precious stones.  This is more eco friendly and adds rich, gorgeous color to jewelry.  I also am constantly expanding my line of Memory Vases and just introduced a new "birth announcement" Memory Vase. 

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