Sunday, November 30, 2014

Get to know, David Hughes of Hotfoot Studio

Meet David Hughes, one of our resident designers at the Beehive, and has been for the past year. Chances are you've gifted one of his handmade mugs or bowls.  Check out this video of him creating a carafe on his potting wheel.  He makes it look easy, but of course, it's not.


What do you make?
I make wheel thrown, functional ceramics in my Katonah studio where I formulate my own glazes, and fire in my gas-fired kiln.
handcrafted mugs
When did you start designing?
Like most people I first had the opportunity to work with clay in elementary school, It was not until Junior High school that I was able to experience the wheel. While I did not display any exceptional aptitude at the time, I remember vividly being enthralled by the feeling of the wet clay on my fingers. I did do Ceramics in college but I really didn't think of it as a viable career path. I continued pottery as a hobby while living in Manhattan and was a early partner in La Mano Pottery, in Chelsea. When my son turned one we left the city and landed in Katonah where I finally had the space to set up my own studio.

large incised bowl
Is this your full-time gig?
While making and selling pottery is not my full time gig, teaching pottery is.I am currently a faculty member at the Katonah Art Center, Manhattanville College, and Westchester Community College.I have students of all ages from pre-schoolers to retirees.

What are you working on now?
I am currently creating work for the holiday craft fair season, and  in January,
I have an upcoming gallery show at the Westchester Art Workshop in White Plains.
I have been testing a variety of glaze recipes using fireplace ash as a flux with some promising results. To see where and when I will be exhibiting my work you can check out my website:

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