Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Get to Know, Mary of Dream Owls ®

Meet Mary, maker and creator of the whimsical Dream Owls, a Beehive favorite. Adults and children alike are drawn to them, in part because they are so darn cute, but mostly because the owls are a creative way to help a child find comfort from restless sleep or homesickness. Here's a bit about her work and motivation.

What do you make? 
I design and make Dream Owls ®, which are little stuffed creatures that help us humans connect with our dreams and each other. I also write poems that tell what each type of Dream Owl ® is good at. I love to work with cotton, wool felt, block printing, and embroidery thread.

When did you start designing?
I started making Dream Owls ® about 3 years ago when my daughter Erin was 9 years old. She was suddenly struck with sleep anxiety that we just couldn't get to the bottom of.  I made her a Dream Owl ® and told her to write down what she was worried about or afraid of on his scroll, tuck it in his pocket, and take him to bed with her. I told her that Dream Owl ® would work on these things for her so she could let them go.  The best part was when I had a chance to read what she had written.  I felt a sense of relief to know that we could handle these things together.  Wouldn't every parent love to have this tool?  I began making them for gifts, friends, charity raffles and then I knew I had something that people really loved!  Now I make lots of different Dream Owls ® for Best friends, lovers, dreamers, and our loved ones away from home.

Is this your full time gig?
Dream Owls ® is not my full time gig, however I find that a focal point for my creativity is very helpful to achieve balance in my life.  I find time at night or on the weekends to make, write, post, photograph etc....  It is a struggle but I just love it!

What are you working on right now?
I am working on new Summer Camp Care Packages for parents to send to their kids while they are away at camp.  What a fun idea to " send an owl to camp" along with thoughtful notes from home and special treats.  All packaged in a cool tube that simulates the Dream Owl's tree!
I am also focusing on some songs that I have written to accompany Dream Owls ®.I would love to have bed time music for parents to use at night along with Dream Owls ®.

Owl in specially made wood cut printed bag

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