Monday, April 23, 2012

the flow GREEN Challenge

April is a great month to start thinking about making everyday greener choices. Earth Day was yesterday, April 22nd. What are you going to do this year to make a difference … I mean really make a difference?
A major push for flow in 2012 is to inspire others to reconsider their household habits regarding the way we do our laundry and clean our homes. 
Flow would like to challenge you by trying our GOOD EARTH STARTER KIT (includes a 1.1lb bag of Soap Nuts, flow PUDDLE Towel, reusable bottle and reusable bag).  

Here’s how:

1. Replace paper towels with the flow PUDDLE towel.  Just think of the money and waste you will save.

2. Using more environmentally friendly products? Great start, but we can do more! Greener Living Soap Nuts are from Nepal, which has the cleanest water system, and can be used for all your cleaning needs – including shampoo! But let’s start with using it as laundry detergent. Place 4 soap nuts in the muslin bag.  Each 1.1lb yields @ 200 loads, and most importantly, there is NO WASTE!  Simply throw the used nuts in your garden as compost.

Think you can do it!  It’s worth a try!

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